Kotaro, Best Izakaya in Shibuya Tokyo

In the backstreets of a peaceful, domestic corner of Shibuya, Kotaro is the kind of chilled-out izakaya club you’d enjoy to have with your buddies.

Do not put too much idea into what to buy– a glass-fronted fridge filled with sake (Kotaro stocks several various ranges) reveals the beverage of option and takes away the concern of decision-making. There’s no menu, so state your choices and let patron-chef Kotaro Hayashi select something for you. On a current go to, a chef from Australia mentioned that the food was “like getting a hug from your granny.”

Why Only Accept Guest With Reservations?

– Trust the chef’s recommendation; it is always the very best service
– The matter is not about the variety of clients but the quality of clients visiting this restaurant.
– An appointment implies that the chef will commit his time to do the very best he can do: cooking personally.
– The commitment chef can offer two plates as he provides to seven.
– Seven various meals with various kinds of temperature levels at the same time it takes about forty-five minutes.
– This is a restaurant owned and run by one male just, if you have the time we guarantee you will take pleasure in the food, atmosphere, and music, if you stay in a rush, much better go to supper to another location.
– And if currently made a booking, don’t be ridiculous shows up on time

Image by Behance from Pinterest

Food Quality

With chefs years as a cook, he found that the only way to prepare quality meals is to make with quality ingredients. This is all about preparation time and quality ingredients and the quality of the consumers.

The criteria in quality fish are fundamental; Kotara only uses exceptional or fresh fish for sushi or sashimi. And the chef can be so extreme that he can not discover quality fish there is no fish on that day. Other factors for not having fish are as easy as the complete moon, tidal waves, adverse weather conditions, on Sunday, or Monday, this indeed struck or just merely the fish that day did not please the freshness specifications.

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